((I’m starting to get a lot of M!A’s and some are things I CAN’T DO.

First of all, I’m unsure whether or not this blog will have already connected to the game plots or if they will in the future.

So please stop sending me M!A’s/questions about Marx, Magalor, or Kirby’s clones.

I know that my muse speaks to them through questions, but that doesn’t mean it’s my blog’s cannon yet.  Thank you!))

"Congratz on getting 200+ followers, Kirby!"

Thank you, poyo!




I think that the Sonic games that should be released are Sonic Adventure 3, Sonic 4 Episode 3, Sonic Heroes 2, Sonic Generations 2(feat. Kirby), Sonic Racing(reimagined version of Sonic R), and Sonic Riders 4, for the complete love of hell! Well, most importantly, the Sonic series are now suffering by the Sonic haters, because, thanks to them, none of these games EVER HAPPENED, now do they?!


…Did…did I say something to get this brought up?))

((Things happen when you’re stuck in a forest…))



((woo we reached 777 followers! …well, yesterday I did. i sorta lost a follower, but that doesn’t matter :’D Thanks so much you guys for keeping up with the bs and these puffs and stuff. This wouldn’t have happened if it weren’t for you ;v; (i repeat myself so much when i do…

yay (*^▽^*) welcome back!

((I’m happy too!  I can’t make faces….))

Hey kirby, how would you react if I said that I ship you and Taranza?

((Check out the tabs.  I added some information you might need to know.))


((See, I just realized what I could do.  Don’t yell at me, but I was still considering making a flashback to Kirby/Serenity’s birthday party, but I finally decided to just throw it away and try again next year.  Maybe I’ll make some Kirby related thing for my Deviant art as a filler for that, who knows.

I realized that THIS was what was causing the problem and now that it’s gone, I think I can figure something out.  I only lost HALF of summer, but who cares.    There’s still a lot of time left.  I did a HECK of a lot outside of Tumblr and I’m proud of it. 

Yeah, also, I didn’t really think people would care how long my break was….I was wrong.  Yet, I’m not sad that I’m wrong because I know somebody cares about me. Hopefully.
Anywho, I think I should be starting something soon.  I have my sketchpad ready to be drawn on.  So yay!))