((Someone really wants Kirby to be a waddle dee.))

((I wasn’t assigned any homework at all.

This must be a sign.))

((I feel like, by now, I should be tired of playing Smash.

Then why am I still reaching for the DS?  COME ON!! IT’S A CURSE!))

((Got home from a big test and got distracted.  I wanted to do some drawing, but as soon as I sat down, my sister came in saying:

"HEY! I got Smash for us, let’s play!" 

Comense the hilarity.  We’re gonna stretch those shoulders and laugh and half naked Samus and Shulk till I get tired.  Seriously though, Samus’s costume.  What was Nintendo thinking?))

I’ve been saying “poyo” as long as I can remember.  Let’s just say it makes me cuter, poyo!  Ehehe…he.

((I’ll be the one without SSB4 for a while.  Ah well, I can wait. 

I’m excited, but unsure about buying the 3DS version.  How fun is it and is it replayable?  Also, are the characters good?  Does Kirby sound cuter in this game?  Just want to know.))

You know, Kirby? People that are making new games of you should start making a new TV show! Maybe one from which you'll actually talk in full sentences. And with more Kirbies!

((Ohhh I’ve wanted to answer this for a LONG time.  I got too excited to draw something for this, but maybe sometime later I’ll post Kirby’s answer to this.

My biggest wish right now, mostly a goal, is to become an animator.  I’m training how to draw multiple frames and I’ve even got Adobe Flash and will begin practicing with it when I have the time.  For the longest time, I’ve wanted to bring these panels to life like a cartoon; I’ve had multiple ideas on plots and things.

When I get better at this stuff, I want to make a series with Kirby and these characters on YouTube like Bravest Warriors.  I’m not joking.  I WILL do this someday in the future.  Not this year, or the next, but maybe when I am in college with animation experience I’ll do this.  It’ll be like the anime, with voices and everything cool!  It’s a daydream now, but it’ll come to light in the future. 

I wonder if Walt Disney had a dream like this when he was young.  He’s becoming my inspiration in animation right now.))


((I’m going to start making a plan for posting on my blogs.  While I’ve been producing as much as I can on this blog, Serenity’s blog has yet to see any light since…I think Christmas. 

Her blog’s 1st anniversary was just yesterday and I feel bad for not posting anything there in a long time.

So, I’m planning to distribute the amount of posts I produce per blog.  If the owner of Keeby and Kaby’s blogs could do it for so long, then it’s not impossible.

This is how it will go: If one post is produced on one blog, another will come up on the other, vise versa, unless one blog hits an art block or runs out of questions/material.  Depending on the contents of my schedule in a week, two posts will be the minimum I will produce a week.  I’m setting this down so I can set a deadline, or just a goal for each week (There isn’t a clear date when I will post though.)

There have been ideas of closing Serenity’s blog because her # of followers is small and I don’t produce much for her; however, I continued to convince myself that it shouldn’t be considered.  I promised myself that I would not be one of those people who promise something big and quit on it after so much work and hype was put into it.  It’s the worst thing to let people down, especially after waiting for nearly two years for a project with only two little clips of hype and then canceling (I’m referring to KGE and Journey of the Spark by the way.) Besides, it may be small now, but with some work, Serenity’s blog will be big one day.))

M!A: Musically talented? ((Sorry, I haven't done these before X3))

((Buddy, you do NOT want to hear Kirby sing.  Just trust me, it’s for the good of the world.  Plus, there wasn’t a time labeled.))

m!a u love koby for 6 posts

((Emmm….I’m not going to do this…It just seems like we’re making Kirby a pedophile.

Kobi’s way younger than Kirby, so this would be strange.))