((I’m going to start making a plan for posting on my blogs.  While I’ve been producing as much as I can on this blog, Serenity’s blog has yet to see any light since…I think Christmas. 

Her blog’s 1st anniversary was just yesterday and I feel bad for not posting anything there in a long time.

So, I’m planning to distribute the amount of posts I produce per blog.  If the owner of Keeby and Kaby’s blogs could do it for so long, then it’s not impossible.

This is how it will go: If one post is produced on one blog, another will come up on the other, vise versa, unless one blog hits an art block or runs out of questions/material.  Depending on the contents of my schedule in a week, two posts will be the minimum I will produce a week.  I’m setting this down so I can set a deadline, or just a goal for each week (There isn’t a clear date when I will post though.)

There have been ideas of closing Serenity’s blog because her # of followers is small and I don’t produce much for her; however, I continued to convince myself that it shouldn’t be considered.  I promised myself that I would not be one of those people who promise something big and quit on it after so much work and hype was put into it.  It’s the worst thing to let people down, especially after waiting for nearly two years for a project with only two little clips of hype and then canceling (I’m referring to KGE and Journey of the Spark by the way.) Besides, it may be small now, but with some work, Serenity’s blog will be big one day.))

((I’ve been thinking of when I should tackle the first in-game plot of this blog and then wondered how I’m going to present it.

I thought about making it so people can submit commands, silly or plot related, and Kirby would do them like MoonStuck, the Woona blog.

Also, the plot I will tackle first won’t be Nightmare in Dreamland or Dreamland 1’s arc because I’m saving it for a special time.))

M!A: Musically talented? ((Sorry, I haven't done these before X3))

((Buddy, you do NOT want to hear Kirby sing.  Just trust me, it’s for the good of the world.  Plus, there wasn’t a time labeled.))

m!a u love koby for 6 posts

((Emmm….I’m not going to do this…It just seems like we’re making Kirby a pedophile.

Kobi’s way younger than Kirby, so this would be strange.))

Saito: “Do you…want to talk about this? Or…”

Kirby: *Sigh* “Poyo.” (Yes)

((FINALLY!! THIS TOOK NEARLY 3 WEEKS!  I’m not going to lie, I’m proud of how I did this.  So many layers, shading, and everything advanced.  I’m starting to get really good at this! :)

Also, I’M BACK PEEPS!!))

((I’ve been way too busy with the first two weeks of school to reply to anything, or even post anything; however, once this flipping post is done…I’m addressing that new SSB screenshot. 


((So it begins.


I haven’t worked on a post for so long since the Thanksgiving post.  I’ve spent nearly 4 days on this and am still not even close to half way done.

And tomorrow is the last day of Summer.


But since ya asked so nicely I think I’ll let ya have some o mah leftovah montahs




Ohhhhh poyo…

((Uh oh, Kirby’s not having a good day today. 

I’m sorry if this is a little flat, but it pulls me out of my art block.  I’m still reintroducting myself to GIMP.  And I’m also learning how to reply to submissions.  Doing my best though!! ))


((It will take me a while to retrieve my skills.  My tablet and I have been separated for a long time.))